Lixise Smart Genset
Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR

LIXiSE DVR106 generator Digital AVR
paralleling EVR16 generator AVR
EVR440 Generator excitation voltage regulator
EVR460 generator voltage regulator​
EVR341 generator automatic voltage regulator
LIXiSE EVR321 generator voltage regulator
EVA440-2 generator automatic voltage regulator
EVR06 low residual pressure since the AVR
EVR438 excitation electronic voltage regulator
MX321 Generator AVR(BLUE)
SX460 Generator AVR(BLUE)
SX440 Generator Excitation AVR(BLUE)
MX341 Geneartor AVR(BLUE)
R230 Generator AVR
VR6 Geneartor AVR
GAVR-8AH Generator AVR
GAVR-15A Brushless genset AVR
MX321 Generator AVR(RED)
SX460 Generator AVR(RED)
MX341 Geneartor AVR(RED)
SX440 Generator AVR(GRAY)
SX440 Generator AVR(GRAY)
SX440 Generator AVR(RED)
GAVR-8A Generator AVR
R438 Diesel Genset AVR
R448 Generator AVR
SE350 Generator AVR
GAVR-15B Voltage regulator
GAVR-15C generator AVR
​GAVR-10A Brushless generator AVR
​AS480 brushless generator AVR(RED)
R250 Genset voltage regulator
R449 Automatic Voltage Regulator
SR7 Generator AVR
EA16(400Hz) Generator AVR
R450 Automatic Voltage Regulator
EA16(50-60Hz) Generator AVR
K125-10B brusliless generators AVR
AVC63-12A1 Generator AVR
K65-12B Voltage Regulators

Control Genset

LXC706 Genset controller modular
LXC701 Generator start controller
LXC3920 Generator Remote Controller
LXC3110 Generator controller
LXC6320 Generator contoller
LXC620 Generator contoller
LXC7220 Generator controller
LXC9210 Starting Controller
LXC7920 base generator controller
LXC7210 Generator controller
LXC6120 ATS Generator controller
LXC6110 Generator controller
LXC610 Generator contoller
LXC6310 Generator contoller
LXC9220 Starting Controller
LXC3120 Generator contoller
ATS106 Generator controller
LXC9510 genset controller

Speed control and Governor

ESC5550 Generator governor
ESC5500 Generator governor
ESC6700H Generator governor
EGD5500 Generator governor
ESC6500 PID electronic governor
EG2000(gray) Genset governor
CE3044196 Generator governor
CE4914091 Generator Governor
ESC5220 Governor
ESC5522 Generator governor
ESC5500E Governor
EAM108 Genset governor
ESC5520E Governor
ESC5120 Generator governor
ESC5221 Genset governor
ESC5111 Electronic governor
EG2000 Governor
ESC5330 Genset governor
CE3044195 Generator governor
CE4914090 Generator governor
CE3062322 Generator governor
CE3098693 Generator governor

Battery Charger

LBC2421 three-step float charger
LBC2410 Generator float charger
LBC2405 battery charger
LBC1208 floating battery charger
5100D(24V 10A)Generator float charger
5100D(12V 10A)Generator charger
5105D Generator charger

Remote Control
LXI661 portable generator data collector
LXI780CDMA wireless data transmission equipment
LXI660 portable generator data acquisition
LXI690 Wireless Data Transfer Unit
LXI680G Wireless Data Transfer Unit
LXI670 WIFI wireless data transmission equipment

General Box
LXC6110 Genset control box
LXC7210 Genset control box
LXC610 Genset control box
LXC620 Generator control box
​LXC7220 generator control box
LXC9210 Generator controller box (external)
LXC9220 Control box(external)
LXC6310 Generator Control box
LXC6320 Generator Control box
LXC6320 Control box(built-in)
LXC6310 control box(Built-in)

General Actuator

ADC175-24V External Genset actuator
ADB225-24V Generator actuator
ADC120-S24V External actuator
ADC225-S12V Generator actuator
3063504 Built-in actuators
3408329 Genset built-in actuators
3408328 Genset electronic actuators
3408326 Genset actuators
3408324 Electronic actuators
ADB225-12V/24V Genset actuator
ADB225-12VGenerator actuator

Generator Sensor
3967250 Water temperature sensor
Water temperature sensor(M16x1.5 102℃)
Oil pressure sensor
MSP6724 generator magnetic sensor
MSP676-2 Genset speed sensor
MSP675-2 magnetic speed sensor
MSP6714 generator speed sensor
MSP678 Genset speed sensor
MSP677 Generator sensor
MSP6719 Generator speed sensor
MSP676 Genset magnetic sensor
MSP6729 Generator speed sensor

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